Wellness, sauna & spa

Wellness, sauna & spa


Bio Sauna

The humidity in the Bio Sauna is higher than in the Finnish sauna, but lower than that of the steam bath.


Finnish Sauna

Regular sauna visits strengthen the immune system throughout the year. As a result, regular sauna visits contribute significantly to overall health. As an added benefit, the warmth that you will bask in is relaxing and comforting. We aim to revive body and soul in this programme. The temperature in this sauna is between 80°C and 90°C.


Special infusions/steams

During your Sauna time different infusions like honey, fruits, salt, beverages or ice-mint will be offered to you by our staff.


Steam Bath

As the winter approaches, you will find yourself longing for warmth and comfort from the upcoming cold months. You can satisfy this longing in our steam baths. Visits to the steam bath are not only beneficial for health in the cold season, but helps strengthen the immune system and alleviates physical problems throughout the year.