Beauty treatments & Wellness

Beauty treatments & Wellness


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Health-Insurance recognized massage on request.

Beauty treatments

Body packs
Alga pack (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
Skin tightening and dehydration pack. Effects against cellulite.
Sea mud pack (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
With sea mud from Mt. Saint Michel. Effects calming, pain relieving and purging
Alpine herbs brew pack, (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
Fresh and pleasant pack with herbs brew and herbs oil.
Roses creme pack (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
Pleasant and scented creme pack with rose brew and goatbutter creme. Effects good mood and moisturizing.

Body peelings
Alga peeling (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
Skin tightening with Laminaria alga and body care.
Herbs peeling (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
Inspiring and cell regenerated peeling with alpine herbs and healing earth.
Sea sand peeling (30 Min.) CHF 60.00
Peeling for sensitive skin, effects calming and relaxing.


Please book in advance at [email protected] or by telephone: 055 415 15 87.

Brush massage:

A roman and irish cleaning ritual, which advances the blood circulation and cleans your skin.


Classic Massage:

This age-old technique aims to alleviate muscle tension. It can also simply be to enjoy pleasant relaxation. We have different methods of massage such as knocking, sweeping and kneading.


Hot Stone Massage:

These stones are individually removed by circling and massaging it on the body first. The warmth of the stones relieves muscle tension as well as improving blood circulation. The oils leave the skin feeling soft and tender. You will leave this massage feeling energised and balanced.