Terms and Conditions

The following General Term and Conditions shall govern the legal relations between the customer and Bad Seedamm PLC (hereinafter referred to as «Alpamare») concerning the sale of e-tickets on the website

In contacting Alpamare and using the website of Alpamare, all persons agree to be bound by the version of the Terms in force formulated hereafter:


1. Knowledge about the use of electronic communication devices
The users of the website of Alpamare confirm to be familiar with the electronic communication devices and to know the accompanying risks thereof. The users understand to make exclusively legal and lawful use of these communication devices.


2. E-ticket Purchase
In purchasing a ticket, all purchasers of e-tickets agree to the safety and entrance regulations as well as further regulations of Alpamare. E-tickets must be purchased on the official website exclusively. Furthermore, all purchasers of tickets accept the right of Alpamare to exclude them without compensation in the event that these regulations are not adhered to. Possible further regulations are mentioned on the website and on the ticket.


3. Personal Ticket
E-tickets are transferable, excluding personal annual, half year, 3 month, 2 month and 1 month passes. Tickets are to be protected against becoming wet and must not be copied or changed in any way. Their validity shall be checked electronically (via bar code) by Alpamare.


4. Damaged Tickets
Tickets lose their validity if their microstructure or bar code are damaged anyhow; however, they can be printed again from the personal account. In case of duplicates or if fraudulent arrangements (followed by a report to the authorities) occur, Alpamare reserves the right to reject all tickets while reimbursing the price to their rightful owners.


5. Gift Cards

The gift cards can be redeemed at Alpamare (entrance, restaurant, shop). The balance can be requested from Alpamare at any time. The card is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. If the gift card is not used for 5 years, the remaining balance expires. The validity of the gift card is automatically extended by a further 5 years with a reload. Cash payout is not possible. The gift card will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift cards that have already been activated can be reloaded at Alpamare.


6. Restricted Offer
In case of a restricted use of the Alpamare attractions, the purchaser has no right to return or exchange the ticket; in fact, any such approach is excluded in principle. Furthermore, the sale of tickets can be abandoned at any time without explanation.


7. Copyright
The entire content of the website of Alpamare is protected by copyright; thus, downloading or printing separate pages and/or parts of the website of Alpamare is permitted solely if the copyright sign and other protected terms are not removed. In case of downloading and copying in any other way, all rights of the information remain with Alpamare. The commercial use of the website of Alpamare or parts thereof are prohibited as a matter of principle.


8. Data Protection
Alpamare is obliged not to sell or pass on personal information of ticket purchasers to third persons. Personal data is treated as strictly confidential. Solely the data necessary for transactional purposes is saved and might, in the context of the order process, be passed on to participating companies. Furthermore, the data protection regulations of the website apply.


9. Limitation of Liability
a) Ticketing
Alpamare does not guarantee the accuracy of the information displayed on the website, especially regarding correctness, completeness and reliability of the corresponding information.

Alpamare shall not be liable for damage caused by errors of transmission, technical defects, business interruption or illegal intervention in EVD systems, irrespective of the place and nature of the interference. Furthermore, Alpamare shall not be held responsible for damage caused by disturbance, interruption (including maintenance work on the system) or overstress of the EVD systems.

Alpamare does not assume any liability for direct damage or indirect damage (ensuing damage) resulting in relation to the use of the services or query of Alpamare.

The exclusion from liability also applies to damage caused by links to other websites. Alpamare emphasises that by selecting a link, the website of Alpamare might be quitted and that Alpamare did not check the linked websites nor adopts any responsibility for their content, products, services or any other offers.

The information spread on the website of Alpamare is meant for private use and for the purpose of informing possible users of the offer. The users must be conscious of the fact that the information may be changed at any time without prior notice.

b) Liability concerning the use of the bathing facilities
Alpamare does not assume any liability for damage to property, physical injury or pecuniary loss in relation with the operation of Alpamare. The use of the bathing facilities is at one’s own risk. Notably, the Alpamare shall not be liable for:
• Damage caused by the use of swimming, jumping or sliding facilities, of play items or of other features of the bath;
• Indirect damage caused by third persons (theft, damage to property, injuries resulting from ball games as well as the use of the bathing facilities etc.)
• Loss of items, money or other valuables.
This limitation of liability does not apply where evidence exists of intention or gross negligence on the part of Alpamare or its staff.


10. Law and Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions are governed by Swiss law. The jurisdiction is held at Alpamare.


11. Applicable Version
In case of doubt, the German version of these terms and condition shall be applicable.

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