Swimming lessons for kids

Swimming lessons for kids

duration: 16.15h – 17.00h or 17.15h – 18.00h, depending on the childs Level. Beginners normally at 16.15h.
Age: 5 till 10 years old
Cost: for 11 lessons of 45 minutes Fr. 180.00, entrance for the child included. One adult may accompany the child but not use the facilities at alpamare.

Application for waitinglist

ATTENTION: At the moment, few places are available in both courses on Monday and Thursday. With the form below, you can subscribe your child to the waitinglist. As soon as we have a place available, we will contact you.
This waitinglist is a service of alpamare. Your subscription does not oblige your child to participate in the course, nor can we guarantee you a place in the current or next course.

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