Our swimming pools

Our swimming pools

Alpamare has four different pools: the wave pool, the Alpa-Therme, the Rio Mare, and the Iodine brine pool:

Wave Pool (28°- 30°)

The Wave Bath is a pleasure for young and old. Have fun in 1 meter high waves. They take place every half an hour. The minute it gets dark we create a thunder storm with lightning and rain in the 30° C warm pool. Take a deep breath and have a good time!

Rio Mare (27°–30°)

Drift with the streaming of the Rio Mare. The power of the streaming changes in constant intervals as follows. Relax in the Rio Mare’s spas and enjoy the view over the lake of Zurich and the mountains from the whirlpool.

Alpa-Therme (28-32°)

The outside bath is equipped with massage jets, effervescent couches, underwater music, and a waterfall grotto. The contrast between hot to the cold water is very good for your cardiovascular circulation.


Iodine Brine Pool (36°)

While you’re relaxing in the Iodine Brine pool the massage jets will ease your body and relieve stress. The 36° C hot water is prophylactic, pleasant and supportive for intervertebral disks and back diseases,myo and articular rheumatism, for the convalescence after operations and fractures as well as after corporal and mental efforts.