Balla Balla
261 meter

​​ easy

Balla Balla
The legendary Alpamare slide

Shortly after the opening of the Balla Balla in 1999 she made it into the Guinness Book of Records. Passionate riders in Switzerland and from abroad love her light and water effects.

The 261 metre long ride starts in the dark and finds its ingenious highlight in the light. But from the front: First you slide lying on your back through a closed and 111 meter long black tube. The ride of your life continues through the open red half tube, which will shake you up again on its 150 meters length. I’ll bet you’ll end up feeling a little «balla balla» too?


Age recommendation: from 4 years

3 facts about Balla Balla

261 meter lenght 111 meter black tube 150 meter open red half tube

the adrenaline!

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