Attractions & Slides

Attractions & Slides

Action and pure adrenaline! Our spectacular slides will offer you a terrific and unforgettable sojourn.


The slide “IceXpress“ is a 158 meter long tube, themed as an ice channel. It has a descent of 17 metres and 11 sharp bends. Three of them are steep sloping hairpin bends, one right after the other. On the 25 to 30 seconds long ice ride, bold sliders experience the coolest surprises.


Danger and adventure are the immediate thoughts surrounding the word cobra. This slide gives you a huge adrenalin rush, even for the most experienced sliders.
This race gives you a unique experience and is only for those with steady nerves.

Cresta Canyon

The Cresta Canyon consists of one great slide down a single raft. This makes it easier for you to decide where and how you ride this waterslide.
It is a very safe ride, yet still manages to please and excite.

Mini Canyon

This slide is gentle and snug. This ride is best for people who are not into high speeds. It is also a favourite amongst younger children.


While sitting in a yellow tyre on the Alpabob, you slide at a moderate speed through wild water and rapids.
This is a fantastic experience for the whole family.

NEW end of July: Jungle Run

Did you ever bet with someone who can slide faster? This will be your chance. End of July, we are going to open our newly built Jungle Run. 440 meters divided on two slides will give you speed, action and adrenaline. Found your team today and bet, who will be the faster one arriving at the end.


This black hole gives you the shivers. Over 20’000 fibreglass lights with varying diameters put motioning and magical pictures on the walls of this 130 m long dark tube.
Light strings of more than 25 km in length, simulated explosions and other special effects make the Thriller a great adventure.

Double Bob Splash Pipe

In the safe Double Bob Splash Pipes, you’ll go through the wildest rapids, turbulences and bends in the open air canyon.
The open canyon can even be used in winter and gives you a special kick, sliding through the open tube for a few seconds before entering the covered and heated aja area.

King Cone

Pure action and fun on 153 meters on our slide KingCone. 3 cones and a vertical height of 16.7 meters give you the ultimate adrenaline rush.


When opened in 1999 the “Balla Balla”(261 m) went straight into the “Guinness Book of Records”. The Balla Balla is widely known for its special lighting and water effects.
This ride includes going through an enclosed 111m long, black tube, either on your back or head first – your choice.
You will then ride a further 150m on a long, red slide. You will be very disorientated after this incredible ride!


This name tells you what is awaiting you. First you slide through a straight tube with a diameter of 1.4 metres, complete with fantastic light and sound effects.
You then enter the 12m wide, 6m high funnel at high speed. It makes several turns inside before falling through a aja drop resulting in a magnificent adrenalin rush.
This feeling is incredible, but you’ve got to try it for yourself.