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Via one jump and two circles to destination.

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Our spectacular slides let you forget your everyday life.  Our slides have no age or size restrictions, except the Jungle Run (8 years).

Experience fun

Balla Balla – The legendary Alpamare slide

The 261 metre long ride starts in the dark and finds its ingenious highlight in the light.

Mini Canyon – Adventurous slide in Alpamare

This ride is best for people who are not into high speeds.

Triple Slide – The toddler slide in Alpamare

Our Triple Slide in the Toddler area is made for little kids.

IceXpress – Icy action in Alpamare

The slide «IceXpress» is a 158 meter long tube, themed as an ice channel.

Discover action

Alpabob – Whitewater action in Alpamare

While sitting in a yellow tyre on the Alpabob, you slide at a moderate speed through wild water and rapids.

King Cone – Turbulent slide action in the Alpamare

Hold on tight and really step on the gas, as it should be for kings and queens of the water slides!

Cresta Canyon – Adventurous slide in Alpamare

The Cresta Canyon consists of one great slide down a single raft.

Tornado – Pure adrenaline Alpamare-style

This slide literally tears you apart with its speed almost to the abyss. Learn more now.

Thriller – Alpamare's most spectacular descent

This black hole gives you the shivers.

Feel adrenaline

Jungle Run – Racing action in Alpamare

This slide is not for team players but for pitting one person against the other. And only one can win.

Cobra – Pure thrill in Alpamare

A slide that has it all. Experience the kick now. Be fast and do not let it bite you.

Doppelbob – Down in pairs in Alpamare

In the two-man bob, you must work as a team to master the fast-paced curves of the Double Bob.

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