Brine Bath

36 degrees
​​ 36 degrees

Brine Bath
Brine bath pleasure at Lake Zurich

While you’re relaxing in the Brine pool the massage jets will ease your body and relieve stress.
The brine bath is available from the age of 16.

Vital Bath Ceremony in Brine Bath

To enhance the health-promoting effect of the iodine brine bath, we offer new vitalizing salt ceremonies in our outdoor pool.
With this application the brine is enriched by valuable salts.
The salting up takes place twice a day.

11.30 h Zinc
Important for growth and maturation. Positive influence on sensory organs and strengthens the immune system.
17.30 h Magnesium/Calcium bath
Promotes blood circulation, itchy skin calms and relaxes and skin aging is slowed down.

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