Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

Visit our two internal restaurants. Refreshments and good food are available here: Drinks, ice cream, fresh salads, snacks, and other delicious treats are synonymous with our restaurant.
Note: Picnics are not allowed in our restaurants..

Restaurant Rio 2014 b

 Rio Restaurant

In the year 2000 the Restaurant Rio was newly renovated with light coloured ambience, including a terrace which is glazed all around and can be opened in summer. You are exposed to a wonderful view of Lake Zurich and the Alps when sitting on the terrace.

This is a self-service restaurant with a variety of goodies to suit your appetite:
Hamburger / Cheesburger, Schnitzel, chicken nuggets, sausages, Spaghetti, sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, french fries, drinks, sweets, icecream


Alpa Grill nach Umbau


Alpagrill is a self service barbecue restaurant located on the first floor. Contrary to beliefs, this is not just a favourite amongst children, but excites all age groups. You can choose from a choice of meat and sausages, fresh salad and other delectable meals. Once the choice is made, you grill your meat by yourself to ensure you get the meat done to your tastes.

Where else can you grill in swimming suits all year round? Furthermore, you can also choose your favourite pizza and bake it for 2 minutes:
Barbecue specialities, Pizza, Sandwiches, hot dog, french fries, salads, juices, slush, drinks,sweets, icecream