Our fitness courses

Exercise is part of our lives and ensures an all-round balanced body feeling. In our fitness area we offer you a variety of fitness equipment and special courses. Please note that wearing sneakers and fitness clothing is mandatory in this area.

You can find our group courses and the latest course schedule here. Fitness courses in groups simply make more fun discovery our offer!

Step Tone This varied workout combines cardio training with various strengthening exercises, with or without step. Your ideal course to improve your cardiovascular system and tone and shape your figure.
Jump Jumping Fitness is a dynamic workout that takes place on a specially designed mini trampoline. The licensed fitness concept, which unfolds its full effect in the group, is characterised by the functional design of the hexagonal trampoline with rod and handle. During the training your joints are spared and you burn three times as much calories as e.g. while jogging.
This full body workout strengthens the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. This improves the posture considerably.
Yoga is a well-known and proven exercise. It brings body, mind and soul into harmony, the lessons consist of special body postures, breathing and meditation exercises and deep relaxation.
The back muscles are strengthened, muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as blood and lymph vessels are better supplied with blood. Stress is reduced and concentration improved.
Abdomen/Back Learn the correct posture in our abdominal and back trainings. Back exercises prevent malpositioning and overloading of the back muscles. The back muscles are strengthened through targeted exercises.
Zumba and Zumba Toning ZUMBA is a dance and fitness program inspired by the Latin lifestyle with South American and international music and dance styles. Zumba Toning is a dance and fitness workout at a higher level! Training with the sticks/ dumbbells is intensive and accelerates success! Certain muscle groups can be trained additionally.
AquaCycling AquaCycling on the waterproof hydrobike strengthens and tightens the entire body. Above all, the back, leg and abdominal muscles are stabilised. The training sessions last 40 minutes and are as intensive as the strongest spinning hour in the fitness centre, only much more pleasant. AquaCycling is only possible in closed courses with a subscription of 12.
TRX TRX is a full-body workout in which your own body weight is used as training resistance with the use of a non-elastic belt and rope system in standing or lying position. Through this 45 minute training, strength, coordination, concentration, balance and mobility as well as the stability of the trunk are trained and improved at the same time.
AquaWellness and AquaPower The AquaWellness lessons take place in our unique 36 °C warm iodine brine bath. The gentle training in the water protects the joints and the water resistance has a strengthening effect on the muscles. AquaWellness is included in the entrance fee.

AquaPower takes place in our 30 °C warm wave pool or in summer when the weather is fine in the Rio Mare. AquaPower is a sport and health-oriented training which increases physical performance and everyday resilience.
The intensive exercises in the water also help to lose weight, even in the so-called «problem zones».
The AquaPower is included in the entrance fee.

Powerplate The exercises on the multidimensionally vibrating Powerplate have been proven to combat osteoporosis, reduce fat and improve blood circulation. Without sweat-inducing effort in the 10 minute program! The Powerplate Training is an additional offer and takes place under competent guidance.


All courses (except AquaCycling & Powerplate) are included in the wellness entrance fee.
Jump, TRX, AquaCyling, Powerplate with advance reservation.
On national and cantonal holidays there are no fitness courses.

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