Gym & Fitness

Gym & Fitness

Welcome to our gym. Here you’ll find information about our offers, classes and the timetable of the classes.


For entrance to the gym and the relaxation areas a special badge is needed which can be obtained for a small additional fee when buying the entrance ticket. The entrance to the wellness-fitness-zone is only for adults from 16 years of age. This means, that you can enjoy your training and relax in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Included in the entrance fee is the use of all other attractions such as the pools and the slides.


Please note that when you’re using the gym room or gym classes you must wear sports shoes and training clothes. A workout or classes in a swimsuit is not allowed for hygiene reasons.



The sessions are 40 minutes long, and can be compared to an hour of spinning at a gymnasium (with less pressure on the joints). The course takes place outside in the Rio Mare if the weather is good. All trainers are qualified in their field. AquaCycling is suited to all ages. Since the number of hydrobikes is limited, we recommend you make a reservation on Tel. 055/415 15 87.



12 lessons: Fr. 150.- (with Alpamare Abo) / Fr. 250.- (without Alpamare Abo)


ZUMBA is an inspiring latin dance and fitness programm with south american and international music and dance styles.

Aqua Zumba

aqua Zumba® is easy to learn. You do not need any kind of experiencies wether in Zumba or Aqua fitness. Our Zumba events will be published at our news section.

Zumba Toning

Zumba Toning is a dance and fitness workout on it`s highest level. The practice with sticks is intensive and rushes to success. Particular muscle groups can be practiced.



with Alpamare abo, free entrance
without Alpamare abo, 10 lessons abo for Fr. 200.-

Test exercise:

For free (needs to be booked under tel. 055 415 15 08)


Is a full body workout-training, using your own body weight as resistance with the use of a non-elastic belt and rope system whilst standing or lying down. A 45 minute workout to build up strength, coordination, concentration, balance and agility as well as the stability of the torso, all of which are trained and improved simultaneously. The TRX® can be trained in closed classes with subscription for 10 classes, which is valid for 6 months. Private lessons on demand.


Subscriptions can not be extended or refunded.

AquaWellness & AquaPower

AquaWellness lessons take place in our unique 36° C iodine-saline thermal spa. Your muscles will gain in strength due to resistance against the water. In addition, the warm water adds to a feeling of wellbeing. AquaWellness lessons are excellent for patients with rheumatism, back problems or as a supplement to physiotherapy training (please ask your doctor beforehand).


AquaPower This form of training is a perfect way to stimulate circulation, while also being gentle on the joints. Aqua-Power takes place in the 30°C warm water of the indoor wave pool. It can also be done outside in the Rio Mare in summer. This programme is included in all entrance tickets.



Powerplate proves how good and helpful vibrations for a healthy future can be. You train not only muscles and tendons of the whole body but with the exercises on the multidimensional vibrating Powerplate it has be proved that osteoporosis can be stopped, fat burned and the circulation improved.



Single lesson: 25.00 CHF (Alpamare Abo and Alpamare visitors) or 35.00 CHF (without visiting the Alpamare)
10 lessons: 200.00 CHF (with Alpamare Abo), or 300.00 CHF without visiting the Alpamare

Further information and Power Plate dates are available at: [email protected] or by phone 055-415 15 08.