We are renovating for you


We are pleased to announce some major improvements to our park.

The renovation will take place in several stages. Currently we are in the middle of the second stage.

The tiles on the floor and walls will be entirely replaced. The park will remain open as usual, with parts temporarly closing during the phases of construction.

How does this affect you? We have prepared the following FAQs for you.

Which areas will be affected during the first phase?
From the 12th of november until the end of november the waterslides Thriller, IceXpress, Doppelbob and Cresta Canyon will remain closed.

When will the second phase end?
We plan to be done with the second phase before mid december so that everything will be fully functional during the holidays.

Will Alpamare be open as usual?
Yes, Alpamare will be open every day as usual.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Alpamare during our renovations and we offer you as a compensation a voucher for a drink in one of our restaurants. The voucher you will get at the entrance.